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Fire Extinguishers Services

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Posted by: | Posted on: October 11, 2019

Types Of Fire Suppression Systems

When selecting a fire suppression system for any business takes a lot of consideration. Some businesses put fire suppression systems off because they think it costs too much, but imagine a fire breaking out and ruin everything for which they have worked for, which in turn would cost more to replace than the fire suppression system will be purchased and installed.

All these systems are different and use different agents to extinguish the fire and they are; water, gas and other chemicals. You can also look for the fire suppression system installation by navigating to

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The system used will depend on the nature of the business. Below is a break of a fire suppression system that is most commonly used.

Water – This is one of the fire suppression systems that is most often used as the water does not cause harm to humans or animals. The most common suppression system using water is a sprinkler system, which is great for public areas because they are able to cover a large area.

Gas – Systems that use gas works by depriving the fire of oxygen and other elements that need to survive. This system should be used where people are present due to the fact that they reduce the amount of oxygen in the air.

Other chemicals – This is the latest system in the industry and works by releasing a mist or fog that is suffocating the fire. The chemicals used are non-toxic and can be used in the presence of people. They are very easy to clean which is a bonus for the company because it means less downtime.