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How Drones Can Make Mining Operations Reliable?

Posted by: | Posted on: October 12, 2019


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) changed a lot of companies. Before developing UAV technology into a low cost secure and reliable system; information was gathered with a full-size human piloted aircraft and it was very expensive. With these drones the aerial data has become cheaper, faster and more inventive than ever before.

There are many companies like that provide consultations on drone technology. There are many industries that are benefited by the installation of drone applications. Mining industry is one of them.

The mining industry stands to benefit greatly from new innovations in airborne data acquisition. In many cases, the UAV is now being utilized as part of the mining and in the coming years will be almost everywhere. Vehicles unmanned offers tremendous advantages in every aspect of the mining life cycle including:



Mining operations and Reclamation

The properties of the mineral often in remote areas where there is a map that either no or poor resolution. Today, a UAV can do a better job for less money. Drone can map an area in high resolution under a day, usually within a few hours. The cameras on the drone have little benefit from advances in high-resolution sensor.

Drone can offer assistance in mineral exploration within the following ranges:

a) Rate Landscape

b) Detection Outcrops

c) The life of Nature and the Environment

d) Geomorphology

e) Up to date image of the property

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