The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Senior Move

When seniors reach their mid-60s and beyond, many sell the larger family home they have lived in for decades to downsize to a smaller residence. Many are forced to move, as health issues or loss of spouse make it too difficult to maintain a larger home. It is the right time to call senior relocation managers.

The senior relocation manager provides downsizing help for seniors the elderly clients organize and plan the move to a smaller residence, often an apartment in a senior living community. They help them what they can take with them to their new home, and what must be sold, donated, thrown and gifted to friends and relatives.

Downsizing help

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In this article, we will discuss steps to a successful senior move in great detail.

  • New Home Design

The first step in the process is designing your new home. Think the whole process to be executed in mind. This is important for several reasons. First, the individual is focused on their new setting and new life. Designing one’s new life and excitement of the next step helps the clients to stay excited throughout the moving process.


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  • Rightsizing

This step includes the identification of the most important and necessary items that will fo to the new location. Focusing on the new home allows for an honest evaluation of what items and memorabilia should go and more importantly what doesn’t.

  • Pack and preparation

After rightsizing the real work begins i.e. downsizing and decluttering your home for the move  Items are organised, labelled, wrapped up and protected and placed in boxes.

  • One day Move-in

When the item is boxed and ready to transit, professional movers carefully load and transfer boxes and furniture to the new location. At the new home, all items are unpacked and places according to the floor plan, new design and layout.

Preparing home to sell

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  • Preparing house to sell

This is not an obvious step but is an important one. The existing home is cleaned, maintenance items are repaired by trusted contractors and suggestions are made for cosmetic improvements to help maximize the home’s attraction to buyers. The job of Senior relocation service provider is a relatively new one. They are the professionals who assist older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation. Check out here to know how downsizing expert helps the seniors in a more detail way.