Some Important Facts About Plastic Recycling

Recycling can be of any type. There are several companies dealing in plastic and metal recycling in Sydney. Today, we are going to talk about plastic recycling. There are several facts related to plastic recycling, let’s have a look at them:

Fact No.1:

In Australia alone, we utilize over two and a half million plastic bottles every hour. These aren’t only water bottles, but cleansers, health products and other liquids containers out of motor oil and lubricant to milk and juice bottles. The majority of these bottles sadly end up in the ditch.

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Fact No.2:

Plastic garbage bags and those little plastic rings that hold soda cans together can kill an estimated one million sea dwellers annually since a lot of our garbage is dumped into the sea. Plastic is lightweight so that it swims together and they get caught or suffocate inside. That’s heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Fact No.3:

We in Australia, all by ourselves throw away over twenty-five billion Styrofoam products each year. This stuff is not biodegradable, folks.

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Fact No.4:

To finish on a positive note, plastic recycling utilizes half as much energy than it takes to burn it. Additionally, it decreases the number of toxic chemicals in the atmosphere from incinerating.

Because of public consciousness, in only between 1990 and 1999, the number of plastic recycling firms grew by 85%. And they’re new ones across the world being constructed each year.

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Since the mid-twentieth century, plastic has reigned since the preferred substance to use. It’s cheap to produce, doesn’t corrode, can be molded into all kinds of shapes and is relatively unbreakable.

Now we would find it hard to live without plastic. I dare you to take only five minutes and write down all the plastic in the room where you’re. It can be an eye-opener.