How To Create An Effective Explainer Videos?

Video marketing is a huge trend. Just glance through social media feeds to see the evidence of video marketing popularity and growth, It is a proven digital content format that engages customers and prospects. It is easily accessible and user-friendly, thanks to the proliferation of mobile-friendly devices and faster Internet.

The technological advances in video production, including easy access to sophisticated video tools and resources, have made marketing videos truly affordable even for solo entrepreneurs. One of the best ways to start is to create an explainer video. In this type of video marketing, corporate video production company design the content in such a way to promote your company’s product or services and how they work in less than three minutes.

Explainer Videos

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In this article, we will discuss tips to ensure your explainer video project is the best it can be.

  • Watch Videos

Get inspired by viewing explainer videos that others have created, whether in your industry or not. Watch your favourite video multiple times to dissect essential elements. Observe elements such as topics covered, the story and how it was shared, action v/s static shots, lighting, angles, single or multiple cameras, voiceovers, music and graphics.

Plan a story

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  • Plan to tell a story

Explainer videos are a digital form of storytelling and all good storytellers start with a concept. Video production in Toronto first shows a problem many of your customers share and then show how your product and services solve it. You can also tell the story of how and when your company started. An explainer video is also ideal for products that need to be demonstrated to be appreciated.

Keep it simple

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  • Keep it simple

Choose one storyline per video. This is not the time to showcase your entire product line. Think elevator speech. Be concise. Share that one story in less than three minutes. Refrain from using lots of props or complex sets.

We hope these quick tips informed you on how to create an effective explanation video. Attempt to follow these tips in your explanation video and the outcome should be a positive one for your business. However, there are many more tips that may be ideal for your specific business so they should be considered when making your final decision on what to include.  Check out here to learn how online video can improve your business.