How To Choose Age Suitable Toys For Kids?

It is the parent’s responsibility to handle and fulfill all the desires of their child right from the moment when they are born. There are various things you need to buy for your kind one of them which is toys. These days it has become much easier to buy toys because of the availability of online kids stores such as Obdesigns, official website –

Now, whilst selecting the toys to buy for your baby, it’s imperative to choose something that’s just right for their skill level. Because if you will pick a toy that’s way too simple then your toddler will get bored. However, if you buy the one that’s too advanced, then they’ll surely get annoyed.

Thus, the best thing is to buy an age-appropriate toy. The reason for this is that such apt toy will provide your baby or toddler with hours of education, exploration, and enjoyment. So, you must explore the store and then select the one which is at for your baby’s age.

Below mentioned are tips for picking the toy according to age:

  • Age 0-6 months – At this stage, toddlers are continually developing their senses, so you can augment their sensory development with toys such as cot mobiles, rattles, bath toys, soft toys, and baby bunting Huggies, baby-friendly books with simple, colorful illustrations in them and activity centers.
  • Age 6-12 months – As your baby’s senses continue to develop, you should pick noise-making or musical toys, as well as those that encourage creativity and physical activity such as baby gyms and bouncers.

  • Age 12-18 months – Buy the toys that encourage exploration and help them to further develop their fine-motor skills such as trikes and ride-on toys.
  • Age 18 months to 2 years – At this stage toys should be about the hands-on play which promotes imaginative play. You may even pop over to this site to explore some of the educational toys which are apt for kids till age of 10.