Hard Email Bounces Can be Stopped with Real-Time Email Data Verification – How?

Sending email and the job is done, what almost all the marketers believe in. But they do not release or say are not aware that the real risks get tangled when email bounces.

YES! Hard bounces, unambiguously, cause long-term deliverability hitches and even damage your email dispatcher reputation.

Before you start looking for an email bounce checker to reduce your hard bounces, read article carefully as to clarify the differences between hard and soft bounces and try to understand why emails bounce in the very first place.

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Hard email bounce

Hard bounces occur when an email address is enduringly non-deliverable. The hard bounce probably occurs because the email address does not exist.

Whenever you send an email to someone’s email account, which do not exist, on the spot you receive a standard “failure to deliver” message.

Well, readers’ hard bounces typically occur because:

  • The email address is fake or do not exist because it was a typo.
  • The user once had a real account but abandoned it.
  • The user once had a real account but closed it.
  • The email address is not a real account.
  • The employee is no longer with the company.

Soft bounce

A soft bounce occurs if a valid email address is inept to receive mail at the moment the sender is trying to send.  Soon after the soft bounce is sorted out by the network, the email is typically sent to the inbox at a delayed result.

Soft bounces can happen if:

  • Only if the recipient’s Inbox is full.
  • Or the mail server is down.

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  • email verification to avoid bounce
    In what manner hard bounces damage your inbox delivery?• Every time you receive a hard bounce, your reputation score takes a big hit. It’s like how your acclaimed score goes down with each credit inquiry.
    • Email sending solutions need you to have less than a 2% hard bounce rate.
    • Just visualize if your hard bounce rate jumps up to 5%, which will certainly leave a pretty major impact on your reputation.
    • Your email platform doesn’t want your poor data quality practices damaging their credibility.

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    Hopefully you find this article informative.